The Marmite Prize for Painting V exhibition has now closed. The show will be hosted at Highlanes Gallery in Droghda, Ireland from 8 Jul 2016 – 10 Sep 2016.

Selected artists include: Albane Lamoril, Richard Baker, Sarah Ball, Anthony Banks, Juan Bolivar, Philip Booth, Eleanor Breeze, Hannah Brown, Jo Bruton, Michael Calver, Diane Chappalley, Emma Cousin, Billy Crosby, Chris Daniels, Amanda Doran, Tamara Dubnyckyj, Steven Gee, Max Gomes, John Greenwood, Mandy Hudson, Clare Jarrett, Sooim Jeong, Michael Johnson, Jessie Makinson, Lindsay Mapes, Kathryn Maple, José Batista Marques, Jo McGonigal, Sinéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Oliver Mulvihill, Helen Oleary, Bernadette O’Toole, Selma Parlour, Alison Pilkington, Christiane Pooley, Sheila Rennick, Joan Sugrue, Suzy Willey, Daniel Woolhouse


Recent exhibition: Pods, Pom-Poms and Other Souvenirs

Block 336 recently presented the first solo exhibition of work by studio artist Elysia Byrd. In PODS, POM POMS AND OTHER SOUVENIRS, between the bamboo stalks and saccharine-coloured fluffy ‘tree tops’, glimpses of painted worlds could be caught. The ‘trees’ stood like guardians of an imagined forest space and was made up of various anthropomorphic totems. Glossy mounds sat plumply between thin bamboo shoots. All of these objects waiting to be collected, cut down or copied and transported to the local tourist market where they could masquerade as genuine.



Recent exhibition: Polarised

Polarised was developed during a seven week residency by Laura Buckley and Kim Coleman and was held in the main exhibition space. In the collaborative exhibition the artists presented lenses that alternately allowed or blocked views into an installation, simultaneously reflecting and refracting projected moving image in a space, incorporating sculpture, lighting and sound.

Venue Hire

Located in Brixton, South London Block 336 hosts one of the largest, non-institutional and architecturally unique spaces in London. Please note we are not a rental gallery and for this reason we do not hire the space out for art exhibition purposes.