i’m not against guided tours, but i won’t take one.

Pandora Lavender
Gallery 2
PV: 2nd December 2016
Exhibition open: 3rd – 18th Dec
Thurs – Sat, 12 – 6 pm

Pandora Lavender will present new works in a solo exhibition, ‘i’m not against guided tours, but I won’t take one’ opening on 2nd December in Gallery 2. Lavender’s works emerge from a heavily involved action based practice in which materials are activated through detached gestures (often through machinery or nature, not of the hand). Materials are crushed, dropped, melted, suspended, and removed from their industry through a series of repetitions. Repetition is used to bring out difference, otherness and unlimited variations. In this exhibition, through sculpture, performance, film and a publication – the relationship between material, process and site is explored.

Recent exhibition: Bad Limbs
Recent exhibition:
Bad Limbs by Rebecca Molloy was an exhibition of paintings, objects and video that considered the role of the body within physical and digital realities, exploring the difference between how the body and objects feel and look in the physical world in comparison to their digitised version. Fore more information, please click the image above.


Unspeakable Freedom >> Tastes Like Chicken | Jennet Thomas in conversation

To listen to the recording of Jennet Thomas in conversation with Simon O’Sullivan and George Vasey, please click on the image above and scroll down the page.


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