Oriana Fox

Starring: Hamja Ahsan, Anouchka Grose, Jess Love and Kim Noble

Monday 10th December 6 – 9pm*

Performance starts at 7pm. Due to live-filming guests will not be admitted after this time. Please arrive early.

Buy online tickets here: £4.85

On the door: £5

Bar courtesy of Brixton Brewery.

The O Show provides fresh inspiration and straight talk from the mouths of artists, psychologists and activists who, like mainstream TV chat show guests, have little to no difficulty ‘spilling the beans’, even when their lives and opinions defy expectations and convention. The upcoming episode at Block 336 is no exception. “You’re only as sick as your secrets” will feature interviews with four guests who have publicly disclosed their own battles with mental health, namely: the writer and activist Hamja Ahsan; the performer Jess Love; the writer and Lacanian psychoanalyst Anouchka Grose; and the artist Kim Noble.

Examining the links between self-disclosure, self-care, belonging, creativity and wellbeing, the episode will emphasise that the first step towards getting help is admitting you need it. The guests’ very public, yet highly candid autobiographical work rides the line between confession and activism, going beyond ‘mere’ therapy by pointing to the wider determinants of their experiences and in this way speaks to the very real need to make stories like these public.

As the rates of depression, anxiety and suicide soar, it is more urgent than ever to find therapies that address the personal as well as the political. Join Oriana and her guests to locate approaches to mental health that bolster individuals, create safe spaces and question the status quo.Block 336 thanks the Arts Council England and Brixton Brewery for their kind support.


In conjunction with the Finnish Institute in London, Block 336 will invite an artist (or a collaborative duo) who is currently living in Finland for a 5 week residency culminating in the production and exhibition of a site-specific new piece that will directly reflect the theme of ‘work’.

Applications are now closed.

Recent exhibition: Spare Face by Tamsin Snow

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