Private View: 2nd October 2015 | 6-10 pm
Exhibition continues until 31st October 2015
Opening hours: Thurs – Sat 12 – 6 pm, or by appointment

Upcoming show Erämaa showcases Alex Gough’s recent large-scale paintings. Immersing the viewer within a destabilising perceptual field the work captures both the nearness of the screensaver and the distant memory of the natural world. This is Gough’s most recent investigation into what the experience of ‘wilderness’ might mean today. Materials and visuals and the relation between painting, perception and image are the cornerstone of Gough’s practice. Working with a limited palette, Gough makes his own paint and through this gains a kind of intimate knowledge of the viscosity and intensity of the painting experience. Exploring the limits of this process is for Gough analogous to a ‘wilderness state’ where no known foothold in meaning can be found.

* Image: Detail of Wilderness in Paint #28 Pigment, acrylic binder, gesso, gouache canvas and polyester 100 x 161 cm

10 th October: TEDxBrixton | live screening

On 10th October 2015 Block 336 will collaborate with TEDxBrixton to live-screen their conference that is hosted at the Brixton Rec. The conference includes 16 inspirational talks and performances. The live screening at Block 336 is from 1 – 6pm. The event is free, but donations to cover the costs of Block 336 and TEDxBrixton are welcome. More information about the conference speakers can be viewed at


Block 336 will host six stimulating and provocative conversations between art world professionals, including artists, curators, consultants, gallery directors, academics and researchers will explore core problems in the structure of the art world, and seek to address its contemporary system failure. As well as diagnosing the problems, alternative ways that the art world might begin to function will be suggested, in order to improve the status and earning power of visual artists. For tickets and more information please click here

4th Dec | HOMEWARE_update: Corey Bartle-Sanderson

London based artist Corey Bartle-Sanderson’s first solo show HOMEWARE_update opens on 4th December 2015. Using sculpture, installation and photography, the work probes ideas relating to duplicity and artifice. Combining objects and images that have been found or painstakingly handcrafted, Bartle-Sanderson challenges our perception of the everyday whilst striking a balance between the surreal and the real