Ambit - EWTR

Debut Performance of Ambit by Erik Nyström & Peiman Khosravi

18/10/13 | 7pm

As part of Everything Wants to Run, on Friday 18th October Block 336 presented Ambit, a debut sound performance by Erik Nyström and Peiman Khosravi. There will be an opportunity to see the exhibition before and after the performance.
Ambit is a site-specific sound installation event that explores visuospatial imagery evoked by the apparent physicality of sound material. Projected sonic images will liquefy the surfaces and boundaries of the room, as if it were an elastic topology. Thus a mutable world of illusory spaces will emerge and transcend the geometry of the listening environment bringing into consciousness the tension between ‘here and now’ and a universe extending beyond.

“Space is a myth, a ghost, a fiction for geometers.”—James J. Gibson