Lambeth & Southwark Mind Annual Lecture

On 25th February 2017, Block 336 hosted Lambeth and Southwark Mind’s 2nd Annual Lecture.



To mark the launch of the South London Psychosis Therapy Project under the auspices of Lambeth and Southwark MIND, PTP founder Dorothée Bonnigal-Katz and two members of her vibrant clinical team will discuss the specificity and the relevance of the psychoanalytic treatment of psychosis.

Dorothée Bonnigal-Katz is a psychoanalyst, a member of the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and The College of Psychoanalysts – UK. She founded the Psychosis Therapy Project in Islington in 2013 with a view to furthering the development of effective psychotherapeutic interventions in the area of psychosis. She will reflect on the nature of the work she is pursuing and on the prospects and the hurdles encountered by herself and her team over the years.

Barry Watt is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice, a senior psychotherapist at the Psychosis Therapy Project at Islington Mind and a member of The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis. He will discuss how psychosis is often popularly said to involve a ‘break with reality’. But is this a helpful description in illuminating how we understand and might best make therapeutic interventions with those labelled psychotic? Barry will use case studies and clinical illustrations to explore the status of ‘reality’ in psychosis, and to think about some of the implications a psychoanalytic approach to understanding psychosis can bring to clinical work.

Paul Meechan is a therapist at the Psychosis Therapy Project at Islington Mind. He is training at the Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis and has a long experience working in mental health commissioning and management in statutory services. He will discuss his work at the project and share his insights into the current landscape of mental health services.