Everything Wants To Run

Exhibition: 12th October – 16th November | Thurs – Sat | 12 – 6pm

Artists: Gabriel Hartley, Bruce Ingram,, Mark Jackson, MSHR, Erik Nyström / Peiman Khosravi, Kate Owens, Daniel Silver, Nathaniel Stern, Charlotte Webb
Curated by Mark Jackson

Block 336 presents ‘Everything Wants to Run, an exhibition by 9 international artists exploring concepts and conditions of materiality in contemporary art practice.

Recent philosophical discussions around “new materialism” acknowledge that digital culture, which was once considered immaterial, forms as much a part of our authentic aesthetic experience as anything else. When everything can be considered as matter, and when materiality underlies all cultural practice, how can we start to articulate the specificities and nuances of objects again, be they digital or otherwise?

Bringing together sculpture, installation, video games and performance, Everything Wants to Run will look at the intimate and visceral relationships artists have with their materials, from sound, code, and digital files to clay, plaster, ink and paper.