Polarised | Laura Buckley & Kim Coleman


Laura Buckley & Kim Coleman

PV: 8th April 2016 | 6 – 10 pm
9th April – 6th May 2016
Opening times: Thurs – Sat or by appointment

Polarised is a collaborative exhibition by Laura Buckley and Kim Coleman. Polarised has been developed during a seven week residency at Block 336 and is held in the main exhibition space.

If sunglasses expose our anxieties around seeing and being seen, Kim and Laura’s work, Polarised, draws this particular contemporary phenomenology into focus. In Polarised we are presented with lenses that alternately allow or block views into an installation, simultaneously reflecting and refracting projected moving image in a space, incorporating sculpture, lighting and sound. Here the artists present light as a form of control, with a role both in social and cultural posturing, as well as in the dynamics of looking and being looked at, riffing on the formal relationships and cultural connotations embedded into the shaded gaze. This is a work that destabilises the act of looking, one that forces us to see it in a different light. In Polarised Kim and Laura create a carefully constructed enterprise, a world of light and sound where our experience of it is electrifying.

Laura Buckley’s solo projects include EIGEN+ART Lab (Berlin), Site Gallery (Sheffield), Bold Tendencies (London), Supplement (London). Screenings include Hanger Bicocca (Milan), the Serpentine Gallery (London) and British Council & Film London International touring programme. Buckley has been shortlisted for the Converse/Dazed Award and the Jarman Award. Collaborative projects include a live performance with Paul Purgas at the Whitechapel Gallery (London).

Kim Coleman’s solo projects include commissions for Kings Cross Granary Square (London) and MSDOCKVILLE (Hamburg). Screenings include Talbot Rice (Edinburgh) and Minneapolis Film Festival. Solo projects with collaborator Jenny Hogarth include the Serpentine Cinema: CINACT (London), Frieze Projects (Frieze London), Glasgow International (Glasgow), and the ICA (London). She was a LUX Associate Artist and National Gallery of Scotland Artist Fellow.

The exhibition is supported by a-n The Artists Information Company