Andy Holden Works on Paper

Block 336 presents a series of works on paper by artist Andy Holden, a coda to his exhibition The Structure of Feeling (A Ghost Train Ride). The works are preparatory sketches for the 3D film Even Darker Matter, the large central projection in the exhibition. They use sketches of iconic characters from the Golden Age of cartoons as explored in Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape. These characters all appear as star clusters or constellations in the cosmos, or their voices appear as samples in the collaged soundtrack of Even Darker Matter. In the film, these stars of the cartoon world are positioned as Gods now occupying the cartoon cosmos.

The drawings are on 3D gridded paper, and come with a pair of 3D anaglyph glasses, making the drawing hover loosely away from the page, creating an illusion of depth. The characters are combined with drawings of cartoon eyeballs, the motif of the film, depicting the idea that matter is looking back at us, also animate.

Each one is numbered, signed and dated, and includes the title Even Darker Matter. They are priced at £225 + P&P. The works have a personal feel; hand drawn, faithful copies of cartoon characters, referencing the fact that the artist learnt to draw by copying these characters as a child.

Please email for more information.