Art/Work: a conversation

On 13th February from 6 – 8 pm Block 336 hosted a free event: ART/WORK: a conversation. Programmed and chaired by Artquest, this conversation considered the themes of the residency, the working practices of artists, and the future of work. Please click here to listen to the audio.

Event speakers:

Alice Martin is Head of Work and Pay at the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and leads projects on the future of work and trade unions. Alice is currently working on NEF’s shorter working week campaign, and on collective bargaining/worker power. She is a regular guest on the NEF Weekly Economics Podcast and is writing a book on trade unions in the 21st century for Polity Press.

Russell Martin is Director of Artquest, and an artist and writer. Recent projects include The Artists Fund, a prototype trust-based small-scale grants programme selected by artists; Spaced Out, a conference at UAL on the spatial needs and opportunities for artists in London; and Almanack, an annual online journal drawing together the art world with wider social, economic and cultural issues.

Anu Suhonen is a Helsinki-based visual artist who was selected for the ART/WORK residency. Suhonen works with photography, video and installation and has exhibited internationally.