Block 336 Studio Residents

Sola Olulode: 14th December 2020 – 14th March 2021

Block 336’s fourth studio resident is Brixton-based British-Nigerian artist Sola Olulode.

Olulode’s dreamy queer visions explore embodiments of British Black Womxn and Non-Binary Folx. Working with various mediums of natural dyeing, batik, wax, ink, pastel, oil bar, and impasto she develops textural canvases that explore the fluidities of identities. Drawing inspiration from lived experience, friends, and cultural reference points to centre Black Queer Womxn, Olulode emphasises the integral need of representation and celebration of queer intimacies.

Her utopian scenes celebrate relationships that transcend crude notions of queer sexuality, her figures exemplify the warm embrace of queer love, a temporal space to bathe in memories of intimacies abundant with scenes of profoundly deep tender connections. Envisaging a world reflective of the celebration of her own identities Olulode brings to life representation and visibility of Black Queer lived experiences. Her figures represent multifaceted complex individuals and the energy they hold in their bodies, relishing in a boundless temporality of self-validation and joy.

Olulode received a BA in Fine Art Painting from the University of Brighton in 2018. Since graduating she has succeeded residencies with solo shows: von Goetz, Moving in the Bluish Light (2018); Lewisham Art House, Hold My Hand (2019); V.O Curations, Where the Ocean Meets the Beach (2020); and featured in the V&A’s In the Palm of Your Hands (2020). Various group exhibitions include: BBZ BLK BK: Alternative Graduate Show (2018); Twilights of the Idols (2020), Alice Black; Build Love Break Walls (2020), Shado Magazine; Blacklisted: An Indefinite Revolution (2020), Christie’s Education; and most recently When Shit Hits the Fan (2020), Guts Gallery (online).

Christopher Kirubi: 22nd July – 17th October 2020

Christopher Kirubi was the third recipient of our Studio Residency Award. Their new video work ear, a poetic combination of imagery, spoken word and sound, was made as a marker of the end of their residency. Click here to view the work.

Christopher is a poet and artist based in London, working with a variety of approaches to explore sexuality, gender, race and desire. They address intimacy and political themes through exploring the mutability of images, objects and text. Christopher has presented work at free.yard: praise n pay it / pull upcome into the rise, South London Gallery (2018); Campus Fugitive: The Unexpected Beautiful Phrase, Nottingham Contemporary (2019) and Jerwood Lates, Jerwood Arts London (2019).


Louis Caseley: 26th February – 22nd July 2020

Louis Caseley was the second recipient of our Studio Residency Award. On Wednesday 22nd July 2020, Block 336 presented a live Zoom studio visit with Louis, to mark the end of his residency.

Louis is interested in the way in which we expect objects to function or act, and he focuses on freezing this moment or the persistent state of non-delivery in his practice. He uses this trope in various ways to explore the human desire both for understanding and for closure, which often can never be reached. His work centres around themes of collective memory, constructed fictions, mythologies and function. Through installation, video and sculpture he creates familiar but distant environments that employ cultural symbols and artefacts as objects of perception, expectation and potential. He uses found objects and images to question notions of value, origin and sustainability within contemporary art practices.

Hamed Maiye: 24th November 2019 – 24th February 2020

Hamed Maiye was the first recipient of our our Studio Residency Award.

Maiye documents the multifaceted image of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora’s youth through portraiture whilst exploring ideas around self-representation. One of the key drivers in Maiye’s collaborative practice is the introduction of new personal narratives, creating visibility for those who are often marginalised. Maiye is also a member of Eating At the Same Table (EAST), an artist led collective which prioritises Black and POC art students to engage in non traditional formats of learning.

On the 21st February 2020, Block 336 hosted an open studio event to mark the end of Maiye’s residency.