As part of our lockdown programme, we are presenting a specially produced 3D scan of Jane Hayes Greenwood’s exhibition Lead Me Not Into Temptation, which took place at the gallery in 2017. Previously unseen, these interactive models allow the viewer to go back in time and navigate the exhibition and the sculptural objects that were made for the show. The scans were produced as a way of documenting the exhibition and experimenting with the possibilities of its interaction.

Comprising paintings, works on paper and a major sculptural installation, the exhibition Lead Me Not Into Temptation explored ideas around desire, shame and the erotic body. Hayes Greenwood’s  work emerges from a painting practice, and spans works on linen as well as CGI animation, sculpture and installation.

The 3D models are created from a series of scans that were carried out by laser scanning company 3Deling in collaboration with Robert Bell. The company is led by Tom Bell.

3Deling specialise in creating point cloud datasets of the world around us using a variety of scanning technologies. They specialise in digitalising & documenting architectural, engineering & heritage environments. They recognised scanning Hayes Greenwood’s exhibition as an exciting opportunity to delve into the territory of arts and culture. Previously the company has supported Block 336 by scanning Block 336’s 5 Year Anniversary exhibition, which included the work of Robin Mason, available to view here.