Nervous Systems | Teresita Dennis

Nervous Systems
Teresita Dennis

Preview: Friday 29th November 2019, 6-9pm
Exhibition: 30.11.19 – 14.12.19 | 09.01.20 – 18.01.20

Exhibition essay by Tess Charnley: read here

Nervous Systems is an exhibition of paintings by artist Teresita Dennis. Dennis’ painting, deeply underpinned by theory, explores how the body engages with and is affected by personal (internal) and impersonal (external) events. The works are painted primarily using her own body, with brushes as a secondary tool. Dennis is interested in the body not only as a physical presence but also as a composition of systems; nervous, somatic and linguistic.

Through painting, connections, parallels and relations are drawn, between handprints made by prehistoric peoples; the ‘all over’ painting spaces of abstract expressionism; grids; op-art; performativity and gesture. Engagements with bodies of matter and thought have been considered more recently alongside the lexicons of touch in technology; the marks and smears found on touch screens such as the swipes, drags, pinches, taps and scrolls that lie, like remains, as we gaze past the screen towards a future, about to appear.

Teresita Dennis has been working as a painter for more than 30 years. Dennis has presented solo and group exhibitions internationally at Lychee One, Broadbent Gallery, Sartorial Gallery TAT arts Barcelona and more. She received an MA from the RCA in 1998 (Distinction) and a BA in Fine Art & Critical theory from Goldsmiths in 1995 (First class). Alongside her studio practice, Dennis is a Senior Tutor at City & Guilds of London Art School. She has been a visiting Painting tutor at the RA Schools, RCA, Central Saint Martins, Middlesex and more.