Karen McLean Works on Paper

Block 336 presents a series of works on paper by artist Karen McLean, a coda to her exhibition BLUE POWER | Ar’n’t I a Woman!.

The Blue Devils captured in the small pastels on gold paper represent the devil character that emerges in the early morning at the start of the Trinidad carnival referred to as J’Ouvert. They capture the spirit and movement of these characters, as well as embracing the texture and layers of these iconic figures. The Blue Devil (or Jab Molassie as it is also known) is an effective metaphor for the struggle of good versus evil, as it is a fearful and aggressive expression of evil, yet a creature of entertainment and humour. The Blue Devil is one of the oldest forms of masquerade and originates from the sugar plantation when the slaves used molasses, a by-product of sugar cane, as a way to disguise themselves and play a cheap mas.

Each one is numbered and signed. They are priced at £200 each + P&P.

Please email info@block336.com for more information.